Architectural Photography by Notes Of Light, Atlanta & Gwinnett, Georgia

Historic Shiloh Methodist Church

Last weekend I spent two cold pre-dawn hours shooting the historic Shiloh Methodist Church in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. This church has survived as a congregation as early as the 1700’s and this building, shown in the photographs, was built in 1825. This is a pioneer church of upstate South Carolina.

Multi-generation families in the area tell that a Revolutionary War skirmish was fought along a nearby creek and that the dead were buried here, but it is unknown whether the church existed at that point in time.  Directly behind the church building is a large and old graveyard; simple standing stones do mark the resting spot of a couple dozen unknowns. In the dark of early morning it is a quiet and solitary place except for the arc of stars, slight stony silhouettes along the ground, and white-board church. White-board that’s a shade of grey with almost no light.

Camera set on tripod, I began shooting with a 30 second exposure.


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