Photography by Notes Of Light, Atlanta

Macro Photography ~ Indoors

I had a great response to my last post Macro Photography ~ Outdoors, so I wanted to try a different slant on the same theme: close-up photography taken indoors. I hope you all enjoy this, too!

These experiments were attempted on two different days when I had some extra time to get the lighting set and adjusted the way I wanted it. I kept the lighting fairly consistent with tungsten and a little accent lighting for color for the water drop photo. The shutter speed for that shot was 1/4000 of a second so as to freeze the water with little blur as possible.

The toothbrush picture is probably my favorite, as I’ve been known to have a quirky sense of humor, but I’m happy with all of these results. Next time I try it, I would use brighter lighting for the stop-motion photograph of the water-drop.


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