Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

Photography by Notes Of Light, Atlanta & Gwinnett
Nighttime photography by Notes Of Light, Atlanta & Gwinnett

What conjures more imagery in an urban environment than a brightly lit theater at night? Notes Of Light Photography would like to submit these photos of the beautiful Tivoli Theater in Chattanooga for the weekly theme of street life.

Although the Tivoli Theater resides not only on a prominent spot on Broad Street but also in the hearts of generations of Chattanoogans, the scene depicted is easily recognizable from our own memories and could be from any city we imagine.

These shots were taken at 4/10 of a second at f7.1 for the image with the blurred car, and 1/50 of a second at f2.0 for the image with the pedestrians.

Photography by Notes Of Light, Atlanta & Gwinnett
Street photography by Notes Of Light, Atlanta & Gwinnett

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Photography by Notes Of Light, AtlantaTaking an photo from a previous post, I turned it upside down, did a little editing, and now submit it for the weekly photo challenge for the theme of reflection. Now I see the image in a brand new way, heavy with symbolism, while before it had been more of a conceptual piece.

Besides having an M.C. Escher quality, to me the photograph is a reminder that man’s quest through life is not only a physical one, but also a spiritual one, as well.

With the normal image having been flipped vertically, the figure’s reflection becomes more prominent over the actual physical figure. A figure can’t exist without a producing a reflection, and a reflection can’t exist without a physical figure; although the figures are inherently the same, now the emphasis has been shifted in our minds to put the reflection foremost.

Back Lighting

This post features photographs that I took while experimenting with back lighting. While at a local horse farm during the time of sunset, I noticed a horse standing in a field on a hill. The sunlight was shining through his hair creating long shadows across the hard ground and tall stalks of grass.

I moved quickly to the field, entered through an old gate, and tried to silently approach the horse so as to get into a choice position. I snapped several shots before the animal noticed I was there and the light began to fade.

These two shots were taken with a 50mm lens at f-stop 2.2 for 1/640 of a second. I used a faster shutter speed in case the horse decided to move while I was taking the photograph.

Enjoy the gallery, click on a photo to enlarge. 🙂

Plant Life

Here’s a few shots of flowers and berries that I like.  I took these all at different times and the only indoor photo is of the African Violets. The hydrangea flower was left over from last season and is dried out, but has an amazing almost-translucent quality when back lit. Enjoy…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

Perspective can make all of the difference in photography and that makes this week’s photo challenge so very appropriate.

If you are a photographer, what do you want the viewer to see? By cropping you control the emotional tone of the photo. Only showing particular elements can completely alter the story or lead the viewer to make assumptions that might not be true.

A photo of a violinist’s face grimacing without showing the instrument he’s playing is — a man in pain? A close-up of someone running, is he being chased or — at a track & field event? A detail shot of a horse’s rear-end is really — a girl shoeing a horse (scroll down to see the cropped and uncropped entry photos side-by-side)…

A Look Inside

On Peachtree Street in Atlanta, right in busy midtown, is a beautiful church set among the high rises, restaurants, and stores.  Traffic is nonstop along the street as people rush to their work places, appointments, dates, or the latest show at the nearby famous Fox Theater.

Most never stop and take the time to realize the beauty inside the stone building or what they are missing. Truly it is a magnificent space from many points of view. The sanctuary is full of a multitude of carvings and stained glass, and symbology fills the visual field. And one of the largest pipe organs in the southeast calls the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer home.

I volunteered during a day of service to help clean the church, and took several pictures that day to share with those who may never have seen some of the treasure inside. Even as a longtime member, I haven’t discovered everything there is to find. Here is just a small sampling…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Hello everyone, I’m entering my first photo challenge with this post on the theme abandoned.

Just this past weekend I discovered an old house that has seen better days, and I chose four shots that show the place in detail. All were taken in color and then converted to monochrome in post-processing.

Finding, seeing, and photographing old houses is one of my favorite hobbies so I’m excited that Notes Of Light gets to take part in this photography challenge, especially as it is my first one here on WordPress.

Geometry Of Light

“Music is the arithmetic of sound, as optics is the geometry of light.”

Life is all about patterns: patterns of experience and happenstance; patterns both natural and man-made. When first I read the above quote of the 19th century composer and pianist Claude Debussy it appealed to me on several levels. As a musician I quickly identified with the first half and nodded as I recalled the many connections of organized sound and its thinly veiled counterpart — numbers.  Music is math as they say.

But also as a fan of and experimenter with photography did the second half of the statement strike a chord. Light and shadow reflecting through a piece of glass onto a sensor or film in patterns, random or not, define the art of photography. Not only is the connection between the two essences a wonderful analogy, but also immediate and realistic. And for me personally, a perfect duality.

Inspired by Monsieur Debussy’s wisdom I took these three photos, aiming to present obvious and intriguing patterns.