Photography by Notes of Light, Atlanta

A Look Inside

On Peachtree Street in Atlanta, right in busy midtown, is a beautiful church set among the high rises, restaurants, and stores.  Traffic is nonstop along the street as people rush to their work places, appointments, dates, or the latest show at the nearby famous Fox Theater.

Most never stop and take the time to realize the beauty inside the stone building or what they are missing. Truly it is a magnificent space from many points of view. The sanctuary is full of a multitude of carvings and stained glass, and symbology fills the visual field. And one of the largest pipe organs in the southeast calls the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer home.

I volunteered during a day of service to help clean the church, and took several pictures that day to share with those who may never have seen some of the treasure inside. Even as a longtime member, I haven’t discovered everything there is to find. Here is just a small sampling…


3 thoughts on “A Look Inside”

  1. At the right time of the day, churches have such beautiful natural light. On the picture of the statue of Martin Luther, I like how the candles are silhouetting his head.

  2. How right you are about the insides of buildings – I took visitors inside Chichester Cathedral and have been there many times before but still found much to photograph and general Cathedrals now have more art on show

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