Urban Decay

Urban decay photography by Notes Of Light, Atlanta & Gwinnett
Urban decay photography by Notes Of Light, Atlanta & Gwinnett

I’ve been interested in this relatively new field of photography called urban decay. There are many great photographers who seek out abandoned spaces and who specialize in capturing the latter moments of a building’s life before its complete demise. And the better photographs can only be described as “hauntingly beautiful,” a term best suited to this genre.

On recent trip to Tennessee, I found a great spot at an old factory to practice taking a few pictures in this style. As much as any other type of photography good light is essential, but also trying to capture and highlight the decay in an effective way, to evoke aspects such as waste, former glory, loneliness,  imagination, and beauty in an overlooked landscape, is equally important.

Here’s a few of my tries–click on a picture to see it full size–I would love to hear what people think.

18 thoughts on “Urban Decay”

  1. Like the Twins and the second factory shot as the wall helps to keep the eye from being overwhelmed by the exterior light – also having the pillars on the right does the same to break up the zero detail highlight. Good job!

  2. The love the composition and contrast of the colors and light reflections on the water in first shot ” Orange Door ” . Urban decay is a very interesting subject that I enjoy very much.

  3. HI Carl, both images are excellent. For me, they capture the true essence of the location. Have been doing the same since 2011, not a professional photographer, but I am fixed 🙂 Continue with the work.

  4. Love these shots. I like the third one best, the colours of the green posts and the orange door stand out so well against the rest of the almost monochrome image.

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