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Photo Shoot With Tiffany

Portrait photography by Notes Of Light, Atlanta & Gwinnett
Portrait photography by Notes Of Light, Atlanta & Gwinnett
As winter is approaching, we’re getting less and less adequate time for photo sessions. The days are shorter, the weather less predictable and certainly chillier, too. During a quick break in the rain a couple of weeks ago, I fit in a photography shoot with Tiffany.

Portrait photography by Notes Of Light, Atlanta & Gwinnett
Portrait photography by Notes Of Light, Atlanta & Gwinnett
Tiffany is an easy going young lady, and her relaxed nature shows up in the photos. She had no problem working to get the shots we needed, laying on the damp ground for one, climbing atop a column on a bridge for another, and standing in the middle of a creek.

Portrait photography by Notes Of Light, Atlanta & Gwinnett
Portrait photography by Notes Of Light, Atlanta & Gwinnett

That relaxed personality, combined with a pretty setting and pretty subject make for winning photos. And we had a great time working together.

Back Lighting

This post features photographs that I took while experimenting with back lighting. While at a local horse farm during the time of sunset, I noticed a horse standing in a field on a hill. The sunlight was shining through his hair creating long shadows across the hard ground and tall stalks of grass.

I moved quickly to the field, entered through an old gate, and tried to silently approach the horse so as to get into a choice position. I snapped several shots before the animal noticed I was there and the light began to fade.

These two shots were taken with a 50mm lens at f-stop 2.2 for 1/640 of a second. I used a faster shutter speed in case the horse decided to move while I was taking the photograph.

Enjoy the gallery, click on a photo to enlarge. 🙂

Plant Life

Here’s a few shots of flowers and berries that I like.  I took these all at different times and the only indoor photo is of the African Violets. The hydrangea flower was left over from last season and is dried out, but has an amazing almost-translucent quality when back lit. Enjoy…

Sister Portrait Session – 1

Portrait photography by Notes Of Light, Atlanta
Portrait in natural setting by Notes Of Light ~ Photography, Atlanta & Gwinnett

I love working with people, so portraits are my preferred niche of photography.  I got the opportunity to shoot these two sisters together in a couple of photo sessions, the first of which is represented in this post.

These girls are both beautiful and full of personality, and in portrait photography it is a fun challenge to try to capture that in the pictures. Letting the personality of the subject show and project outward can turn a simple image into a portrait to keep a lifetime.

This session was taken on a mountain in the late afternoon. We had great lighting and scenery which made for a perfect mix of natural beauty. With portrait photography I try to let the scene enhance the subject without taking over entirely.  But that sometimes is a fine balance.

Macro Photography ~ Outdoors

A world exists where few take time to look. A world of complex patterns and details. A world that, I’m finding, can be captured by camera.

Macro photography has existed for a long time and incredible photos have been taken and shared over the years, especially with the advent of digital photography and increasingly accurate lenses. Inspired by those minuscule worlds and those who’ve recorded them, I wanted to embrace the form and try my own hand at macro photography, but with a basic 50mm lens.

I found that being in the right place at the right time is just as important as fancy equipment. The bark mushrooms I photographed were not there four days later.  And the dew in the feather? It floated by me at the right moment.


Animals are so cool. Not only are there so many varieties, but there are so many differences within each kind. Whenever I see an animal I end up pointing the camera in its direction and before I know it, I have a clicked off several shots.

These five photographs are some of my recent favorites.  The goat was the surprise of the bunch. He was really fun to photograph and seemed to be into the whole process–who knew goats were so photogenic?–but then again, maybe he was just wondering if the camera was edible.

Snow Day

Atlanta gets a good snow about once every three years and this year we’ve already had two. Because its usually such a rarity, everything from work to school gets cancelled, and with that extra free time I get to experiment more with photography.

Everything is different when shooting in snow: lighting, colors, reflection, handling the camera, shivering — you get the idea. But for me it is a opportunity that doesn’t come around too often, so I enjoy it a lot.

I grabbed a pear to add some color to a few shots, setting it in different places, and I liked the contrast between the white snow and mottled skin.  For the photo in front of the barn I used a flash to reflect off the falling snowflakes, highlighting them and making them more noticeable.  Thanks for visiting, time to go sledding…