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Genealogy & History

I’ve recently had the pleasure to take photos for a new website called Notes of the South, a book publisher of Southern genealogy and history. They specialize in writings about smaller overlooked historic communities but also have several other interesting titles and resources for sale on their site geared toward researchers, enthusiasts, and family historians.

In exchange for working together and producing their image content, many of the portrait photos from here are now displayed on a “partner” page of unaffiliated businesses bringing the images to a wider audience. Many thanks to them. For those working at or just interested in genealogy and history take a few minutes to check out their website at www.notesofthesouth.com. And forward the link to others who may be, too.

Here is a sample photo of mine–my goal to convey passing of time and history–that was used for their content:

Notes South Gwinnett History4 21



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Chattanooga Terminal Station Architecture

If anyone reading this blog has been to Chattanooga and visited the old railroad terminal station then they probably admired the spacious interior and beautiful ceiling. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Beaux-Arts style building was built in 1909, was featured in Glenn Miller’s song “Chattanooga Choo Choo” of 1941, and currently lives on as a tourist destination of antique trains, restaurants, and hotel.

Attracted by the grand visual field, I set up several photographs of the depot’s ceiling and tried to capture interesting elements of the huge area. Complimenting the frame were the curved lines and mix of old school lighting and natural lighting.

If ever in the area, this is an interesting stop for the photographer and tourist alike.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Hello everyone, I’m entering my first photo challenge with this post on the theme abandoned.

Just this past weekend I discovered an old house that has seen better days, and I chose four shots that show the place in detail. All were taken in color and then converted to monochrome in post-processing.

Finding, seeing, and photographing old houses is one of my favorite hobbies so I’m excited that Notes Of Light gets to take part in this photography challenge, especially as it is my first one here on WordPress.

’31 Ford Model A coupe

I had the great fortune of meeting Rob Powell and his wife recently.  My doorbell rang and Rob had brought his ’31 Ford Model A Coupe along to photograph in front of my house.  After talking with him I could tell he was a great guy and proud of his classic car. And I’m telling you he should be proud, this is a nice car.

This particular car was being photographed for the cover of a magazine for a national Ford club. We photographed it in two settings: both with the house as a backdrop and with it sitting in the barn. Up close, I could really tell what great condition it is in. Click on the photos below to see for yourself.