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Genealogy & History

I’ve recently had the pleasure to take photos for a new website called Notes of the South, a book publisher of Southern genealogy and history. They specialize in writings about smaller overlooked historic communities but also have several other interesting titles and resources for sale on their site geared toward researchers, enthusiasts, and family historians.

In exchange for working together and producing their image content, many of the portrait photos from here are now displayed on a “partner” page of unaffiliated businesses bringing the images to a wider audience. Many thanks to them. For those working at or just interested in genealogy and history take a few minutes to check out their website at www.notesofthesouth.com. And forward the link to others who may be, too.

Here is a sample photo of mine–my goal to convey passing of time and history–that was used for their content:

Notes South Gwinnett History4 21



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Chattanooga Terminal Station Architecture

If anyone reading this blog has been to Chattanooga and visited the old railroad terminal station then they probably admired the spacious interior and beautiful ceiling. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Beaux-Arts style building was built in 1909, was featured in Glenn Miller’s song “Chattanooga Choo Choo” of 1941, and currently lives on as a tourist destination of antique trains, restaurants, and hotel.

Attracted by the grand visual field, I set up several photographs of the depot’s ceiling and tried to capture interesting elements of the huge area. Complimenting the frame were the curved lines and mix of old school lighting and natural lighting.

If ever in the area, this is an interesting stop for the photographer and tourist alike.

Historic Shiloh Methodist Church

Last weekend I spent two cold pre-dawn hours shooting the historic Shiloh Methodist Church in Spartanburg County, South Carolina. This church has survived as a congregation as early as the 1700’s and this building, shown in the photographs, was built in 1825. This is a pioneer church of upstate South Carolina.

Multi-generation families in the area tell that a Revolutionary War skirmish was fought along a nearby creek and that the dead were buried here, but it is unknown whether the church existed at that point in time. ¬†Directly behind the church building is a large and old graveyard; simple standing stones do mark the resting spot of a couple dozen unknowns. In the dark of early morning it is a quiet and solitary place except for the arc of stars, slight stony silhouettes along the ground, and white-board church. White-board that’s a shade of grey with almost no light.

Camera set on tripod, I began shooting with a 30 second exposure.