Recent Client Feedback

“Carl is an absolute blast to work with. Not only is he professional, but he makes the photoshoot fun and a worthwhile experience for all parties involved. And you are sure to come away with some stellar images!” ~ Brittani

“Working with Carl was so easy and fun! He was clear and directive yet flexible and patient. He makes you feel at ease with his friendly nature and fun sense of humor. Carl is a talented photographer who can capture the very essence of who you are on camera–every emotion expressed or hidden is clearly seen in his photographs. He is truly a professional and I can’t wait to work with him again!” ~ Sandra

“Carl made my job as the model fairly simple. I felt at ease right away and he gave great direction. He works fast and accomplishes the image quality you would hope for. I had a blast working with him.” ~ Allison

“Carl, these are amazing!! You really captured some great moments! Thank you SO MUCH!!” ~ Seyward

“I honestly think you are the best of all the photographers that I worked with in the States…thanks again, you’re the best.” ~ Michael

“What beautiful photographs! I don’t think Savannah has ever enjoyed having her picture taken more than during this photography session with you. You really made her feel at ease. Thanks again for capturing such a special moment in her life and ours!” ~ Nikki

“I absolutely love how these turned out!!!…had a great time too. Hopefully you and I can work together again. These are strong photos!! Great quality! You are an amazing artist.” ~ Brandon

“They look amazing! Thank you so much for this opportunity” ~ Kaydee

“It was a pleasure working with you…I had fun shooting! Thank you again for the awesome photos…” ~ Abby

“All day I’ve been trying to pick a favorite [engagement] picture and it’s just impossible because I love them all! They’re very popular on Facebook 🙂 Thanks again!” ~ Emily

“Carl, you captured my son so well! We love the photographs! He looks so relaxed and natural.” ~ Gretchen

“THANK YOU CARL !!! 🙂 You are an amazing photographer!!” ~ Cora

“That’s an AWESOME SHOT! Thanks Carl!” ~ Matt

“Oh my goodness, Carl! Thanks you so much for the beautiful picture of my daughter!” ~ Alisa

“Amazing photos, easy to work with and very professional! thank you Carl!” ~ Emmaline

“I had a wonderful time this morning and glad I got a chance to work with you.” ~ Naomi

“Fantastic!” ~ DeAnna

“I definitely recommend working with him. He has an awesome personality and gives good direction.” ~ Tayla

“They look great!” ~ Gina

“Thanks for the pictures they turned out really good.” ~ Debra

“It was an honor to add your pictures to my portfolio. Thank you so much for the opportunity!” ~ Dawn

“Beautiful photos!” ~ Janet

“These look great! I had so much fun and am glad we were able to meet up. Thanks again! Hopefully we can work together again sometime in the future!” ~ Laura

“I’d love to work with you again soon! I love the pictures! Thank you again!” ~ Tiffany

“Those are amazing Carl!!!! I’m obsessed with these! Thank you so much!” ~ Dillan

“Awwh awesome! Cool. Thanks so much. Made me smile. 🙂 ” ~ Tayla

“These are amazing!! Thank you so much!” ~ Amanda

“Love ’em 🙂 ” ~ Laura

“Thank you for such a positive experience! Your an awesome photographer and I had a great time!” ~ Jenna

“I love them! Thank you so much 🙂 ” ~ Heather

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